Sunday, April 25, 2010

Social Networking web sites.

There are a lot of Social Networking web sites. Most popular are Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter. I remember first when I went on Myspace and I think that one that started making a lot of this popular. Then came facebook, which lets people post stuff up and everybody that is there friend can see it. That can be whats on your mind or just posting a video that you like to share. Myspace is more of creating your personal page, with play list videos and nice looking background. Now they added a similar thing like Facebook, but I think that people like to try new things so that's probably why a lot went to Facebook. Twitter is new from what I know and I'm not a member, but from what i know its like Facebook. You post up whats on your mind and people can follow. What I think made this web site popular is celebrities. Bunch of them post stuff on there own and I think that brings fans closer to some celebrity. They like to know when there celebrity post something up saying when they went to the toilet. There term was twitting.


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