Thursday, April 29, 2010

Forza 3 Storefront/Auction house

I talked about Forza Motorsport 3 before, but this is a really cool and useful feature in that game that connects everybody in a way. What storefront does is let you share or sell your work. You can just put up images to view or create some logo or cartoon character to be sold on storefront. You decide how much that item in going to sell for and how many you want to sell. You can choose any number you like to sell or infinite. Selling a single design is one thing, other things you can go is design the whole car and sell a design of a specific car. You can't buy a design that somebody made like a logo of Akron U, and then place that on a car and try to sell a Akron U design car of Ford GT. You can make that for your self, but cant sell somebody else work. Everything on the car has to be design by you or they wont let you sell it. Auction house is another any of selling and buy over Forza 3. Here you just sell your cars from your garage. You place the price and how long its going to be a on a sale. What makes this more special is that you can sell spacial design cars. Im talking about setup and tuned car to race in specific class or made to drift. With these features game becomes more interesting and players can share a lot of stuff. You can just gift a car to a friend if you like.

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