Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wacom Tablet

Wacom Tables is a pressure sensitive table that let you draw or do whatever you like. It reacts as a mouse and if you like to draw or create something, you can go to photoshop or other software like art rage to create something you like. I used this tablet in my drawing techniques class and at first it takes time to get used to, but then its just awesome. Good thing about this is you have unlimited supply of markers. Because you can draw all you want with out running out. I'm lucky I used the tales, so I didn't have to buy markers. Other great thing is that if you do make a mistake its easy to fix, while marker on paper not so much.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Forza 3 Storefront/Auction house

I talked about Forza Motorsport 3 before, but this is a really cool and useful feature in that game that connects everybody in a way. What storefront does is let you share or sell your work. You can just put up images to view or create some logo or cartoon character to be sold on storefront. You decide how much that item in going to sell for and how many you want to sell. You can choose any number you like to sell or infinite. Selling a single design is one thing, other things you can go is design the whole car and sell a design of a specific car. You can't buy a design that somebody made like a logo of Akron U, and then place that on a car and try to sell a Akron U design car of Ford GT. You can make that for your self, but cant sell somebody else work. Everything on the car has to be design by you or they wont let you sell it. Auction house is another any of selling and buy over Forza 3. Here you just sell your cars from your garage. You place the price and how long its going to be a on a sale. What makes this more special is that you can sell spacial design cars. Im talking about setup and tuned car to race in specific class or made to drift. With these features game becomes more interesting and players can share a lot of stuff. You can just gift a car to a friend if you like.


Gamespot is a web site for video games. It includes xbox360,PS3,PS2,Wii,PC and other older systems like Nitendo 64. On there front page they include everything that new from all the gaming systems. It is a popular web site so they always have bunch of advertisements. Web site always follows same structure, but background changes and few other things when it comes to advertisement. On the home page they have Most popular list. 10 games that are most popular, 10 available, 10 coming soon, and 10 Highest rated. Where is you click on Xbox360 at the top, they have, everything about xbox360 games. Other things that is includes is most played, and that shows games that are most played on xbox live this week and how many hours that game is played.


iPad is a new product from apple. I looks more like big iphone. It has a big screen, and it runs better then iphone. You can get a 16, 32, or 64 GB flash drive. All data are stored on the flash drive and there is no option to expand storage. Apple sells a camera connection kit with an SD card reader, but it can only be used to transfer photos and videos. What i like about ipad is Wi-Fi. ipad has a screen so big that websites look how they would look on normal computer so you can use ipad as your mini computer. Smaller then laptop it gives you just a screen that you can kick back in bed and watch youtube videos or just read something. A 16GB ipad will cost $499, 32GB will be $599, and the 64GB version will go for $699. All models include Wi-Fi Internet access – and 3G mobile antennas can be added for an extra $130.

New soccer ball

In 2006 at the Germany World Cup, a new soccer ball was introduced, which sparked the anger of many goalkeepers, including veteran Oliver Kahn.

The soccer ball, as Kahn and many other goalies would notice, is "built in favor of the striker" meaning that it has several characteristics that make shots stay on the ground and thus, having more chances to hit the goal.

For the world cup 2006, new soccer ball has a new design to it. It was made with different shapes to form a pertecly round ball, which was said to be the most accurate ball. There is a new ball with a new design for world cup 2010. It said to improve more with additional small surface texture to give grip when wheat.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


LightScribe another way of marking your disc. After burning a cd you flip to the other side and make your own custom label. Things you can add is anything really, pictures or some logo designs that you have created. Only thing is that you have to get a disc that is capable of that and it can only be done in shade of grays. So your disc is probably a bit yellow with black or more gray added on there. Having different levels of grays gives good black and white kind of look. This solution may offer more safety than labels that can come unglued, or inks that may penetrate the media and damage data.

Social Networking web sites.

There are a lot of Social Networking web sites. Most popular are Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter. I remember first when I went on Myspace and I think that one that started making a lot of this popular. Then came facebook, which lets people post stuff up and everybody that is there friend can see it. That can be whats on your mind or just posting a video that you like to share. Myspace is more of creating your personal page, with play list videos and nice looking background. Now they added a similar thing like Facebook, but I think that people like to try new things so that's probably why a lot went to Facebook. Twitter is new from what I know and I'm not a member, but from what i know its like Facebook. You post up whats on your mind and people can follow. What I think made this web site popular is celebrities. Bunch of them post stuff on there own and I think that brings fans closer to some celebrity. They like to know when there celebrity post something up saying when they went to the toilet. There term was twitting.

GameInformer Magazine Cover Design

This page would be a from page of Game Informer magazine. It is a game magazine and the game on this page is Grand Theft Auto IV. Font of this game is also a logo that when anybody sees this knows automatically what is this game about. Since Grand Theft Auto I for PSone, they always had same font with makes up there logo. Other thing that is going on in this page is font from game informer. They always have something overlapping there font, but make it sill readable. In this month issue Nikos(guy in picture) head is overlapping there title. Smaller font is used as small info about this magazine, what people can expect its going to be in this magazine. Other thing that game informer does is adjust there color or there font to match the picture so everything works together.

Doxie Portable Scanner

Looking at this new invention doesn't give you the normal instinct that its a scanner. The unit weigh a measly 10.9 ounces, supports color scanning in 600 dpi and ships with a USB cable, quick user guide, leatherette case, photo scanning sleeves and six skins.

Read more about Doxie Portable Scanner by Coolest Gadget Reviews

The unit weigh a measly 10.9 ounces, supports color scanning in 600 dpi and ships with a USB cable, quick user guide, leatherette case, photo scanning sleeves and six skins.

Read more about Doxie Portable Scanner by Coolest Gadget Reviews

The unit weigh a measly 10.9 ounces, supports color scanning in 600 dpi and ships with a USB cable, quick user guide, leatherette case, photo scanning sleeves and six skins. The Doxie Portable Scanner was first spotted in Las Vegas during the Consumer Electronics Show that was held earlier this year. The portable scanner featured a patented technology which was said to offer the device the ability to capture clear images during the scanning process. In addition to this, the device also integrates with cloud computing services such as Google documents allowing users to scan an image and have it uploaded directly to Google docs. The Doxie portable scanner also integrates with other services such as the photo sharing site Flickr and Evernote.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Forza 3 Vinyl creator

Forza MotorSport 3 for xbox 360 is created to beat Gran Turismo series and things they added in Forza that GT dont have makes this game so unique and fun for everybody. Creating a car design is one of those things you can do in Forza series. Having your favorite car with your design connects players with the game better and it becomes more personal when you race online with other players. Forza 3 has vinyl creator where you can place anything you want on that car up to 1000 layers per side. In Forza 2 a lot of people would use rood of Mini cooper, because it has a big flat top where we can place a lot of layers to create something like a design of apple or create something like picture of superman, so then later when they save it can be places anywhere on any car. Now on Forza 3 they added a design editor so you can create what you want, save and place that on any car. Other thing you can do is upload it to storefront and gift it or sell it. U can also limit of how many you are going to sell on store front and that can make your design unique one of a kind. Just like racers with race times get a rating designers tuners also get a rating on how they do and how much they sell. Creating something simple as apple logo can take 25 or 50 layers, because each layer is one shape you chose. You can change size, rotate,move and make it transparent but each shape your choose is one layer. So it can be really difficult and time taking to create something like apple logo, where in illustrator it might take 15 to 30 min. I made Heineken logo copy that im selling on storefront and it took me 5 hours to make it and around 250 layers. Because the font Heineken uses is not in the game and everything had to be recreated to match exactly like the original logo. I plan to make more when i get time, but here are some designs other people made in this game and how creative people can get.

Forza 3 racing classes

Each car is ranked by classes, from F to X and R classes from R4 to R1. R classes are real race cars that you can use and do few mods to it. R4 class would be like a racing Porsche and R1 class is close to formulas. There whole body is modified for weight and big down force to keep the car on the track when you try to get around a corner around 100 MPH. When it comes to Stock car like Nisan 370z the car is in D class for its rank, but if you start adding parts to it the rank goes up. D class goes up to 250 and if you would add something like different tires and they add 25 points then that car moves up to a class C. Then it would be 275 C but C goes up to 400 so if you would to race that car in C you wouldn't have chance of winning a race. So to be competitive you have to make your car the best you can. Play with is and tune it. It depends what you want, to use to stack up those points up to 400 C class. Do you want to add horse power or down force. You need horse power, but having a grip is really important. What I do and a lot of people when they create there car is add so much horse power to be competitive but also have that grip and down force i need to handle that certain car in corners. So if I use Nisan 370z, i dont want to add additional 400 horse to the car and then all be having trouble staying on track. Only good thing would be in straight away. I like to put sticky tires, change the suspension so i don't get much body roll and bit more in depth like if its rwd (real wheel drive) add spoiler and add down force and change front bumper for down force in corners to keep pressure on front tires so i can turn and not slip of the track. Other is weight reduction, and when i have the grip and down force i want i put up the horse power as much as i can. People have to choose power over control of the car. I like to have horsepower but i also like to keep my car on the track. Here are some pictures of cars that are stock from the game and that are modified.

Forza MotorSport 3

Forza MotorSport 3 is a racing Simulator video game developed for xbox 360 by Turn 10. It was released in October 2009. Microsoft created Forza to compete with Sony Playstation game simulator Grand Turismo. The approach that Turn 10 used was to make the game usable to everybody. From kids playing as arcade with assists on to true simulator with assists off. Assists include traction, stability, abs, auto break, level from easy to hard and suggestive line that tells a player where he should on the track as specific corner and when to break to help them make the turn. This game really has a lot of stuff you can do to keep you entertained. You can race a story mode or go on xbox live and race. If you don't want to race you can upgrade your car for your game credits that you would earn in the game. Upgrades are really entertaining and every car in unique. You can add new brakes or a turbo, or just add a intake for a little bit of horse power. Other thinks you can do is make a car your own by designing it and some people car really get creative. Uploading photos, designs set ups for specific tune and just auctioning a car on xbox live. All this is on storefront that you can upload to sell or buy somebody's. i just recently recreated a Heineken logo design that people can buy for 5.000 CR and its ranked the best Heineken design on Forza 3 storefront. Creating designs is not simple as using illustrator. You have up to 1000 layers but you can only use shapes that have and each shape you use is a layer.

Monday, March 22, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010

FIFA World Cup was founded in 1930. The Championship has been awarded every four years since the first tournament in 1930, except in 1942 and 1946 when it was not contested because of World War II. The tournament involves 32 teams competing for the title at venues within the host nation(s) over a period of a about a month.(World Cup Finals). The World Cup in the most widely-viewed sporting event in the world, with an estimated 715.1 million people watching the 2006 final. Current champions is Italy but Brazil is the only team to have played in every tournament and have won the World Cup a record five times. The next World Cup will be held in South Africa, between 11 June and 11 July 2010, and the 2014 World Cup will be held in Brazil.

New gen of gaming counsles

Ever played Mario or Pacman? If yes then you might know a little about xbox 360 and PS3 (playstation3). This is a new gen of gaming counsels and it is far more advance then the ones we played Mario on. PS3 is more advance in technology, but xbox360 delivered games that people want and its a big plus. On xbox360 you can play video games, watch movies, listen to music and listen to it while playing any game and the great thing is playing online with other people. They call it XBOX LIVE. While it will cost you $50 a year for gold membership it works great and its easy to use. PS3 also has online and its free, but it has its problems by lagging and acting up. I guess u get what you pay for. As I mentioned that you can watch movies on xbox, you can also sign up with netfilx. PS3 also give you ability to watch movies and it also has blue ray player built in. While one is better in one part and other in something else, both consles are fun to play and have one of the best games of all time. Graphics, sound and physics are far more advance then it was in the old games like Mario.

Computer Speakers

When it comes to speakers I can say that everybody likes a good sound. I like some bass in my car but really didn't think about computer speakers that much. The Logitech Computer Speaker System provides rich, enveloping sounds for a complete music or gaming experience. There are many different speakers you can get for your computer, but these are good for your buck. With the control pod, you can connect a pair of headphones to delve through your action-packed gaming or listen to your favorite songs in privacy. It is also compatible with both Windows and Mac.